Sales Leadership Priorities, Team Culture, Stress Management and More | This Month In Sales Enablement

by Felix Krueger

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Another month, another action-packed episode of This Month In Sales Enablement! Devon and Felix catch up to discuss the latest news in the world of Sales and Sales Enablement, industry research, social media buzz, and the key insights from recent State of Sales Enablement podcast episodes.

Here are some of the resources referenced in this episode.

Sales Strategy Execution with Tyler Lindley (podcast):

Sales Leadership Transformation with Anthony Sork (podcast):

The Sales Industry Can Be a Stressful Place (MEDDIC LI Post):

Finding Find Joy in Any Job (HBR podcast):

CSOs and Sales Leaders Top Priorities for 2022 (Gartner):

Zoom Launches Call AI For Sales:

Why Your Agile Coaching Isn’t Working—and How to Fix It (BCG):

Steffaney Zohrabyan's job board:

Todd Caponi's post on cold outreach etiquette:

Sales Enablement resources brought to you by FFWD:

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