Sales Strategy Execution with Tyler Lindley | Interview

by Felix Krueger

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The translation of a sales strategy into daily behaviours makes or breaks GTM success.

Our guest in this week's episode is a master translator who creates strong feedback loops between SDRs and senior executive leadership.

Please welcome, the founder, sales coach and podcast host of The Sales Lift, Tyler Lindley!

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • Who is Tyler Lindley?
  • As a sales leader, how do you relate back the strategy that has been developed to the day-to-day of the sales team? How do you change behaviours in the sales team to make those strategies happen?
  • Are frontline sales managers equipped with the tools to be coaching effectively? Do they understand what coaching is all about?
  • Do you think the feedback loop between senior leadership and sales reps on the ground is designed effectively? Is there a lot of information being passed on from the sales reps to senior leadership?

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