FFWD presents

The State Of Sales Enablement Podcast With Felix Krueger

Insights and actionable advice from business leaders and Enablers that share what it takes to fast forward your journey to Sales Enablement mastery. 

FFWD presents

the state of sales enablement podcast with Felix Krueger

Insights and actionable advice from B2B sales experts and business leaders that share what it takes to achieve sales enablement excellence. 


“I LOVE that this podcast includes real-life practitioners sharing practical application of processes, programs, tools, & metrics in an easy-to-follow conversation vs a structured presentation! Felix is an engaging host that does a fantastic job of cutting through the clutter & gets to what matters to a global sales enablement audience!”

Roderick Jefferson - Best-Selling Author, Sales Enablement 3.0


"The globally focused This Month In Sales Enablement sessions are a great mix of actionable insights, the latest updates and events, learning resources and community shout outs all in the guise of informal chat. Felix and Devon's passion for Sales Enablement shines though, as does their joy in supporting the community achieve excellence."

Georgia Watson - Sales Enablement Leader, IBM


"My interview with Felix Krueger has been one of my best because of his questions and style."

Tony Hughes - Co-Founder, Sales IQ Global

Your Host: Felix Krueger

Felix Krueger has operated in the Australian B2B marketing and sales space since 2008 and has been able to collaborate with some of the world's leading B2B brands as a seller and buyer. Today he runs FFWD, a Sales Enablement consulting firm. Felix is committed to supporting the global sales enablement community based on the belief that sales enablement is the key to extraordinary buyer experiences.

Felix Krueger has been featured in leading trade media publications: