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Working with FFWD

For sales leaders and sales enablers in SaaS, IT, and Media who want to maximise their sales team’s effectiveness, FFWD offers Sales Enablement as a Service, a service that is designed to enable sales teams with strategies and support services they need to optimise sales-related resources and ultimately increase pipeline and win rates.

Unlike other sales service providers available, FFWD's Sales Enablement as a Service is the only holistic sales enablement service in the APAC region considering all factors impacting sales performance according to industry-leading research: sales process, tools, content, coaching.

FFWD clients without internal sales enablement resources are able to fast track results without having to spend a lot of time and money building an internal sales enablement function. Clients who already have invested in an internal sales enablement function are able to increase their capacity to realise strategic initiatives faster.

Sales leaders seek our expertise when they're:

  • facing unpredictable sales results
  • consistently working on weekends to fight fires
  • struggle maintaining their sales talent pool and compensating for departures
  • missing the time and budget to build internal revenue enablement capability

Sales Enablement leaders seek our expertise when they're:

  • lacking the bandwidth for the development of a robust strategy
  • struggling to implement all initiatives required to support ambitious revenue targets
  • don't have the skillsets required to execute all parts of their strategy
  • don't have the budget to hire additional full-time team members

How we help tackle these challenges

We begin most engagements with the same audit process before formalising a sales enablement strategy. The sales enablement strategy specifies the resources required for the execution of recommended initiatives across four key areas:

  • Sales Process
  • Technology Tools
  • Buyer Content
  • Talent Development

If a strategy is in place and implementation support is needed we start by reviewing all strategic documentation and recommending an actionable plan for the implementation of the desired initiatives.

We then guide the execution through coaching and (if required) hands-on implementation support.

How we price our services

Our audit and strategy process costs USD $20,000 regardless of the size of your organisation.

The implementation of the plan will typically be scheduled over 12 months with a minimum monthly cost of USD $2,000 for coaching guidance and USD $5,000 for implementation support.

Regions we service

While we have remote team members around the globe, our headquarters are in Sydney Australia. That's why we limit the regions we service to locations that have a business hour overlap with AEST. If you are based anywhere between Dubai and Chicago we'll collaborate with you.

Realise your sales team's potential.

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