Sales Enablement in Emerging Markets with Dave Nel

by Felix Krueger

Sales enablement is one of the fastest-growing business trends globally and our guest in today's episode is a household name in the African sales enablement community.

He is an experienced sales leader and sales coach with over 18 years of experience in sales within the financial services industry.

He is also a founding member of the Trust Enablement community and an International Coaching Federation certified coach.

In another episode of The State of Sales Enablement Podcast, we catch up with Investec Private Bank's Head of Sales Enablement, Dave Nel. 

These are some of the questions we're discussing: 

  • How do you approach sales enablement in the financial services space?
  • Are the salespeople that you deal with selling to institutional customers or are they like consumers?
  • What would be your tips for BFSI sales leaders considering introducing sales enablement into their organisations? How could they make that work successfully for that organisation?
  • What are some of the ways sales enablement can contribute on a daily basis to the success of the sales team? How do you make it part of the way a team operates?
  • What are other ways sales enablers can leverage sales managers to scale their efforts more and to incorporate into the day-to-day of the salespeople?
  • How does the sales enablement space in Africa compare to the rest of the world? What's unique about the sales enablement space in Africa?
  • Are there certain pockets within Africa where you see the sales enablement function being more common? Are there sales enablement focused specifically on regions within Africa?
  • What sort of resources do you recommend sales leaders and professionals focus on and use to learn along their sales enablement journey?

Here are some of the resources referenced in this episode. 

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