How To Scale Technology Sales To Over 1 Billion Dollars With Joe Morone

by Felix Krueger

There are only few people who can claim that they've grown the revenue of an organisation from $24m to over $1b. Our guest in today's episode is one of them.

He's a competitive wrestler but he doesn't need to use this skill to close deals because he has developed a sales method that is trusted by the biggest names in tech.

How this method works? Let's find out!

In this episode we catch up with Joe Morone who is the co-author of The Smart Sales Method for B2B Sales Teams and the co-founder of Worldleaders Inc.

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • What was roughly the revenue net level when you joined and what ended up being the revenue level of when you left the company CIBER?
  • How did you go about scaling CIBER to such incredible heights?
  • What's your general advice for salespeople to utilise content beyond that five by one that you just mentioned in engaging prospects throughout the sales cycle?
  • How would you recommend sales reps use content if not in a face-to-face conversation? How was it used on social media? How was it used through email? What is your recommendation there?
  • At the end of the day, you're selling sales training to your clients. How do you navigate that? ... Do you achieve that by speaking directly to the CEO and getting buy-in that way?
  • What happened to the 50 slide deck that the average salesperson takes to do a big sales conversation?
  • What's your advice for those people and for their roles and how they can make a greater impact when working with sales teams?

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