How APAC Sales Leaders Can Leverage Sales Enablement With Peter Bray

by Felix Krueger

Our guest in today's episode is a sales leader who has successfully tackled a monumental task: Establishing a new product category in the APAC region for a US tech company that has turned unicorn in 2021. In our conversation, he reveals how he went about it and how he has leveraged sales enablement along the way. In this episode of the State of Sales Enablement Podcast, we talk to's APAC Sales Director Peter Bray.

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • What is partner management and how did you go about creating this new category in the minds of your target market?
  • Is the skillset required for a team to be successful different in the context of the consultative approach where you are having to understand and analyse where the client's at in order to make sense of the category that you're trying to establish?
  • How is the culture piece critical in making fast growth work?
  • How do you make sure that you leverage resources that you have available overseas for the local market? How do you make sure that the translation is adding value to your activity locally?
  • How does your local team benefit in terms of the tech infrastructure from head office and all the systems that are put in place?
  • Talk about the success factors of challenger brands out there eating the breakfast of big brands.
  • What advice would you give companies based overseas wanting to enter the Australian market? What are the characteristics of the Australian market? What should these companies consider and what are mistakes to avoid?
  • What are some tips to more effectively enable their sales team with, when one has little resources and little time on their hands?

Here are some of the resources referenced in this episode.

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