Effective Stakeholder Management with Devon McDermott | Interview

by Felix Krueger

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When it comes to strategic sales enablement skills, effective stakeholder management is a superpower that is key to alignment... and ultimately success.

Our guest in this week's episode has been an extremely successful enabler throughout her career which is why I can't wait to share her tips for effective stakeholder management with you.

Please welcome the VP, Enablement & Learning and Development at Persado and my co-host of This Month in Sales Enablement, Devon McDermott!

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • What is your definition of stakeholder management? Why does it matter so much in the sales enablement context?
  • What does the stakeholder landscape typically look like on both ends of the scale? Who are the key stakeholders for enablement?
  • Where would it make sense for a sales leader to focus most?
  • What are some of the other channels you can utilise to maintain that alignment across the broader stakeholder group within the organisation?
  • How would you say your approach to stakeholder management has evolved throughout your career? What were some of the key learnings along the way?
  • Do you have any advice on how you can train your stakeholder management muscle
  • What are key principles one should follow when you try to manage your stakeholder management successfully?
  • How methodical are you with trying to create that understanding within your team?
  • How do you communicate the great work that you are doing to ELT? What sort of metrics do you focus on?

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