Crafting Buyer Experiences with Josh Fedie

by Felix Krueger

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There is no doubt about it: Sales technology is experiencing astronomical growth right now with over 1,200 businesses pitching for the budgets of sales VPs around the world.

Our guest in this episode is part of the sales tech revolution heading up a fast-growing start-up specialising content-driven buyer experiences.

In our conversation, he shares his thoughts on the sales tech space and how to ensure buyers remain the focus when investing in technology.

Please welcome the CEO of SalesReach, Joshua Fedie!

These are some of the questions/topics we're discussing:

  • Creating a replicable and scalable sales process
  • Changes in buyer behaviour in recent years
  • Engaging in a digital first environment
  • Buyer confusion and role of content in the buyer experience
  • Human element in the sales process
  • Sales skillsets

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