Innovation in Sales Enablement with Georgia Watson

by Felix Krueger

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Innovation, it's the stuff disruption is made of. That breakthrough moment of pure genius that magically solves your most nagging business problem.

Our guest in this episode works for a global technology giant that has made innovation part of their DNA.

Initially selling cheese slicers, this business would eventually enable the first moon landing and is today a key player in driving the AI revolution.

In our catch-up, she has shared her insights on the role of innovation in business and sales enablement in particular.

We're excited to share with you this conversation with IBM's Head of Sales Enablement & Skills Transformation, Georgia Watson!

These are some of the questions/topics we're discussing:

  • The role of innovation in today's business culture and how it relates to sales enablement
  • How sales organisations innovate in the way they respond to changing buyer behaviours
  • How organisations innovate and adapt to the requirements of modern adult learning
  • How individuals can drive innovation

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