How To Establish A Learning Culture With Crystal Nikosey

by Felix Krueger

Our guest in this week’s episode knows what it takes to set sales reps up for success. Her holistic approach to the development of high-impact Sales Enablement programs is informed by her breadth of experience in technology sales.

She’s one of the most recognised sales enablers on LinkedIn and I’m excited to have her on the show today. Please welcome Cloud Academy’s Sales Enablement Manager, Crystal Nikosey.

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • How has sales enablement evolved from the early stages in your career to up until now?
  • How do you establish a learning culture as a sales enablement leader
  • What did you learn from your current experience about learning culture in sales enablement?
  • How can someone get the buy-in of sales managers and start utilising the sales managers to start coaching and reemphasising? What's your advice to get started on that front?
  • How would you actually tie training and coaching to business outcomes or revenue?
  • Through the data you gather how are you able to shorten the sales cycle because you've implemented sales enablement training?
  • How can we contribute as a sales enablement community to create a more diverse tech world?
  • What are your predictions in terms of the future of sales enablement? What are you going to see in the next few years of evolution of sales enablement?

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