How To Blitz Scale And Enable A Global Sales Team With Adrian Hill

by Felix Krueger

Managing hypergrowth is a tough challenge as a sales leader. The same applies to the management of a global sales team. Our guest in this episode has done it all. Successfully. And we're lucky enough to be able to explore his approach in all detail. In this episode, we catch up with Shorthand's VP of Sales, Adrian Hill.

These are some of the questions we cover:

  • For those listeners who don't know GO1, what does GO1 do?
  • During your stint at GO1, you were growing the sales team quite a bit. Where did you start out and where did you end up just to give the listeners a feel?
  • How did you enable your sales team and make sure that you maintain quality within the team while scaling?
  • Were there any metrics that you've used to measure success in growing that team and have those changed over time?
  • How do you ensure that you guys communicate well enough to make this work? And what are the kind of the starting points for conversation between sales and marketing?
  • Considering content is kind of part of your company DNA, how do you utilise content as part of the sales process and what sort of role do you think its plays for your team?
  • If you identify excellence in a certain area, a salesperson does something really well or a certain region does something really well. How do you capture that to make the rest of the sales team benefit from that?
  • In terms of the learnings that you capture from those successful deals, is there any way you capture those learnings and make them part of your onboarding program or of other training activity?
  • Have you found that you've unearthed in those kinds of conversations inside sets that give you an idea that the market has shifted in a certain way the way people utilise the product or see the value in your product has changed over time?
  • Do you see a big differences in the way sales need to be approached across regions and what sort of differences are there?
  • How do you make sure that the communication remains effective and collaborative and your global sales team really feels like being part of the team from a cultural perspective?
  • For anybody starting in a VP of sales role, what sort of advice would you give those people to hit the ground running and to be really successful in mentoring a larger sales team?
  • What's the absolute core of your tech stack in the sales team?

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