Enablement Talent Nurturing with Rosi Young

by Felix Krueger

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Sales enablement has evolved to be one of the fastest growing business trends globally. With this growth comes a growing number of new talent wanting to pursue the noble profession that is sales enablement.

Our guest in this episode is part of the new generation of enablers and provides a unique side into her journey and her recommendations for seniour leaders on how to best nurture new sales enablement talent.

Please welcome Gartner's Rosi Young!

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • Talk about the appeal of sales enablement when you decided to pursue it?
  • What should people know about sales enablement as a profession?
  • What do you do to continuously learn and develop in sales enablement?
  • Have you ever dealt with imposter syndrome when dealing with more seniour peers in your business?
  • What would the perfect mentorship program look like?
  • What would be your advice to new people entering sales enablement?

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