Building Enablement Teams with Sheryl Buscheck | Interview

by Felix Krueger

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If you are an enablement leader and you have the budget to hire a team, chances are that you have proven enablement's business value. The hiring decisions you make next will determine if you can take things to the next level and maintain momentum, or if the CFO will crash the party and start a discussion around budget cuts. Our guest in this week's episode is an enablement superstar who has built a number of teams throughout her career. She'll share her insights into what it takes to build a team of A players that manage to make your strategic enablement vision a reality. Please welcome, Sheryl Buscheck.

Some of the questions we tackle in this episode:

  • How do you structure your enablement team (in an ideal world with an unlimited budget)?
  • What makes top enablement talent and how do you go about identifying these traits when hiring?
  • How do you ensure your team remains focused on business impact?
  • Joining a new organisation as an enablement leader, how do you make sure the business goals align with the willingness to invest in the enablement function?
  • What is a step sales enablement leaders can take today to fast forward the assembly of their all-star enablement team?

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