Learning Experience:

The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement

The ultimate Sales Enablement eLearning resource based on the best-selling book by Mike Kunkle.

Master the art and science of Sales Enablement. This holistic and actionable eLearning resource will provide you with the foundational knowledge required to transform your sales organisation and drive strategic sales effectiveness improvements.

Learning Experience:

The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement

The ultimate Sales Enablement Learning experience based on the best-selling book by Mike Kunkle.

Master the art and science of Sales Enablement. This holistic and personalized Learning experience will provide you with the knowledge required to fast-track the Sales Enablement maturity levels of your organization and your career. 

  • Gain the knowledge required to fast-track your Sales Enablement career
  • Create the impact associated with advanced Enablement maturity levels
  • Personalized guidance and reinforcement by experienced coaches
  • Connect with a community of like-minded Enablers

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Fast-track your organization's

Sales Enablement maturity levels

How the building blocks fast-track your Enablement journey

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Video training on the frameworks that will take your organization's sales effectiveness to the next level

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Templates, quizzes, and cheat sheets designed to reinforce learning and support real-world application


Weekly group coaching calls for personalized advice and content reinforcement tailored to your individual situation


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What's inside

The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement?

All lessons are included in a membership.

Sales Enablement Definition

Understand the holistic definition of Sales Enablement that will supercharge your stakeholder alignment 

Sales Enablement Limits

Understand what you can and cannot change and the environment needed for Sales Enablement to thrive

Finding Your Sales Enablement "Why"

Build resilience by establishing why it's worth embarking on the journey to Sales Enablement mastery 

Sales Enablement Audits

How to audit existing sales enablement efforts and understand your organization's maturity levels



How to formalize a strategic sales enablement plan with a pipeline of high-impact initiatives



How to measure Sales Enablement efforts, ensure ongoing optimization  and prove impact 

Stakeholder Management

How to ensure ongoing strategic alignment and effective communication across the organization



How to ensure your sales team understands your buyers better than anybody else in market



How to develop a high-impact sales process that is aligned with the buyer journey



How to find optimize your sales methodology or introduce one from scratch

Sales Analytics and Metrics

Understand the measurement required to manage sales effectiveness

Sales Manager Enablement

How to empower front-line sales managers to drive sustainable sales performance



How to create a compensation structure that motivates and incentivises the right seller behaviours



How to design a sales hiring process that eliminates unpleasant surprises



How to design a performance-oriented onboarding program that sets sellers up for success



How to effectively introduce the knowledge and skills required to set your sales team up for success



How to create a scalable coaching culture that guides your reps to sales mastery 


Support Services

How to create infrastructure for the most common sales support use cases


Support Content

How to identify and create content that supports sellers during the sales process

Buyer Engagement Content

How to map and create truly useful content that reduces friction during the hybrid buyer journey

Sales Technology and Tools

How to source and implement SalesTech that supports operational efficiency and sales results at scale

Performance Consulting

How to leverage the principles of performance consulting to maximise Sales Enablement impact

The Future of Enablement

Understand the trends and predictions that will help you plan your future career moves

Ongoing Execution and Alignment

How to make sure your stakeholders are aligned so the execution of your Sales Enablement gains momentum

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Results achieved by

The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement framework


accretive revenue increase in one year from final project completion.



B2B Financial Services


average profitability per sales rep in 4 months 





sales per rep in 9 months




Meet the Building Blocks Mentors

Felix Krueger

Building Blocks Mentor

Over the last 15 years, Felix has worked as an in-house enablement leader and consultant with some of the most recognised brands in B2B. Today he is the host of The State of Sales Enablement podcast and the CEO of Sales Enablement consulting firm FFWD. 

Mike Kunkle

Building Blocks Mentor

Mike Kunkle is a highly-respected sales transformation architect, internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert, and the author of The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement. Mike also works as the Vice President of Sales Effectiveness Services at SPARXiQ.

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