The Relevance Of Sales Enablement To The C-Suite With Hendrik Isebaert

by Felix Krueger

Our guest in this episode is a senior executive at one of the leading sales enablement technology platforms. He owns the full customer journey at his organisation which is why he is constantly exposed to the latest sales enablement trends and challenges across industries, across the globe. In this episode, we'll speak to the Chief Operating Officer at Showpad, Hendrik Isebaert.

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • In 2021, what is the profile of a business that has the potential to benefit most from sales enablement?
  • What is the highest growth rate in terms of headcount you've seen in sales teams?
  • How do customer success and customer support fit into the context of sales enablement? How do the customer-facing teams fit into the context?
  • If we think about a truly customer-focused organisation, do you think enablement also has the potential to play a role in other departments?
  • What do you typically see being KPIs of sales enablement roles out in the market?
  • What are typically the strategic considerations, on the C-suite level that makes a sales enablement a desirable capability to introduce?
  • How does sales enablement fit into the whole digital transformation discussion?
  • When it comes to sales enablement maturity, how do industries and regions compare and from your point of view, how does Australia compare to the rest of the world when it comes to sales enablement maturity?
  • In terms of the European companies expanding into Australia, how would global business leverage sales enablement infrastructure to launch in a new market?
  • What would your advice be to business leaders who really want to make sure that their business maximises the ROI of sales enablement tech? What are the crucial things they should consider?

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