The Melancholic B2B Marketer Poem

by Felix Krueger

Why does LinkedIn charge $6 per click?
Which Facebook audiences does B2B pick? 
Why does my CMO never talk to me in the lift? 
Is marketing automation a curse or a gift?

Has anybody read my 100-page whitepaper?
Was this really an ad impression or just a web scraper?
Why is there no transparency in my funnel? 
Why do clients always call when I’m driving through a tunnel? 

Why did I pay to put my logo on a coffee cart? 
How come writing good content so awfully hard?
Why does Marketo charge me an arm and a leg? 
Why don’t adtech marketers use their own tech?

Why does nobody click on my banner?
Have industry award shows forever lost their glamour? 
Is there any return on my press release? 
Why is this chatbot called Denise? 

Why does nobody in Australia laugh at my CEO’s jokes? 
Is the data coming out of Clearbit just a hoax?
When does my US marketing team finally respond? 
I’m sure anytime soon, they said we have a special bond…

As the sun rotates and the market grows bigger,
Suddenly I have followers on Twitter,
Leads start converting, and clients pay,
Business is good, today was a great day.

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