Sales Enablement In Southeast Asia With Pooja Kumar

by Felix Krueger

We catch up with Pooja Kumar who is the Director of Sales Enablement & Organisational Culture at Oracle.

These are some of the questions we're discussing:

  • How does the buying process in Southeast Asia compare to the rest of the world?
  • How do you deal with differences in the SEA markets and how do you prepare your sales team for those differences?
  • What sort of content does your sales team use and what do you see as being the most impactful content?
  • What is your advice to sales leaders who want to be successful in the region?
  • What are the knowledge levels in SEA and how much education work is required on your end?
  • What makes a great sales coach?
  • Are there specific frameworks that you advocate for in the business development space and if so, what makes them better than others?
  • What were your main challenges in establishing sales enablement within the organisations that you've worked for? What would your advice be for people who are just starting out in that space and want to really make a difference for their companies?
  • How do you leverage the infrastructure that you have at your fingertips to maximise the impact of your local sales enablement work?
  • How has the collaboration in the coaching process been impacted by COVID?

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