7 steps to maximizing Enablement's business impact

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Q: Are you seeing CFOs playing a more prominent role in terms of realising the value of enablement? Especially in the current economic climate, where CFOs are wielding the axe.

A: Yes, CFOs should be highly engaged with the Enablement function if you manage to correlate Enablement activity (leading indicator) to sales productivity and sales velocity (lagging indicators). As soon as you're able to use metrics to showcase this correlation, the conversation with the CFO will be a simple one: "Invest in Enablement if you want these metrics to improve. Cut budgets if you want these metrics to decline."

Q: Can you please add that stat from CSO insights here?

A: "As in other studies we’ve done, this year’s enablement study found that sales process and sales methodology adoption rates above 75% resulted in above-average gains for revenue plan attainment, quota attainment, and win rates, with a big boost at adoption rates bigger than 90%." - CSO Insights 2019 Sales Enablement Report (page 32)

Q: Should you do a different charter for sales enablement and partner channel enablement?

A: It depends on stakeholder overlap between these two areas. If there is little overlap, you'll want to use individual charters to create transparency and alignmenet across both stakeholder groups. If there is a lot of overlap, save yourself time and effort and combine both of them in one charter.

Q: Can you repeat the definition of the Sales Enablement charter?

A: A charter by definition is the grant of authority or rights. In the context of sales enablement, it is a document that acts as a contract between the senior executive sponsor, key stakeholders and the sales enablement owner, detailing objectives, scope, stakeholders, responsibilities, and more. 

Q: Can you share a specific example of one of the Force Field Analysis completed?

A: Please refer to slide 40 of the webinar slides.

Q: Would you say phase 1, phase 2 should correlate with each block or lever?

A: It depends on the outcome of your initial analysis. Generally speaking it makes sense to prioritize initiatives that achieve the biggest impact with the least amount of effort. This could include multiple initiatives focused on the same building block. I never recommend focusing on more than three initiatives at once, no matter how well-resourced your team is.

Q: Is Frank Kunkle a Dachshund? 

A: Yes, the breed is called Enablement Dachshund to be precise! 

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