Hi, I'm Felix Krueger.

I’ve created Krueger Marketing to offer B2B leaders an avenue to strategic sales enablement and combat the challenges that come with sky-high buyer expactations and hybrid sales environments. 

About Krueger Marketing

For business leaders who want to maximise their sales team’s effectiveness, Krueger Marketing offers Sales Enablement as a Service, a service that is designed to enable sales teams with strategies and support services they need to increase their pipeline and win rates.

Unlike other sales enablement service providers available, Krueger Marketing’s Sales Enablement as a Service is the only holistic sales enablement service considering all factors impacting sales performance according to industry-leading research: 

  • Sales process
  • Tools
  • Content
  • Coaching

Krueger Marketing clients without internal sales enablement resources are able to benefit from strategic advice and enablement services delivered by sales enablement veterans. Clients who already have invested in an internal sales enablement function are able to increase their capacity to realise strategic initiatives faster.

Sales Enablement as a Service offers business leaders the opportunity to make sales enablement their competitive advantage without the long hiring processes and financial risks involved in increasing internal sales enablement capabilities.

If this sounds relevant to your organisation, please don't hesitate to reach out to determine feasibility, potential ROI, and if we're the right fit.

Felix Krueger

Next Steps

If you want to make strategic sales enablement your competitive advantage, here are three things you can do right now. 


Listen to the latest episode of the State of Sales Enablement Podcast featuring the smartest sales enablement minds from around the globe.


Watch our analysis of the latest trends impacting buyers and sales enablement featuring sources such as Gartner, McKinsey, Salesforce, and more. 


Book a free and non-binding strategy session with Felix Krueger to find out how you can take your sales enablement strategy to the next level.