2023 Predictions, ChatGPT, Job Market Updates And More | This Month In Sales Enablement (Jan 2023)

by Felix Krueger

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Enablers! It's time for yet another edition of This Month In Sales Enablement with all the resources you need to stay up to date with the Sales Enablement space including insights, reports, jobs, and more! Brought to you by Devon McDermott and Felix Krueger.

2023 Predictions

Enablement Trends for 2023 (by SEC)

This article from Sales Enablement Collective — features a teaser of some of the winners of their 2023 Ones to Watch focused on enablement stars in the space and trends–which is coming out soon! 

Highlights Include: 

  • Enablement leaning into AI - Thomas K. Cheriyan
  • A focus on building real sales skills  “This will also affect enablement organizations’ hiring strategy, with a need for enablers with a successful sales background.”  - Aaron Evans
  • Enablement specialization and a move to specialized expertise, CS Enablement, BDR, Enablement etc - Celine Grey
  • Tying enablement programs to the right things. “...enablement teams should associate their programs to behaviors and things they can directly influence.” - Nick Lawrence

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Felix’s 2023 Predictions

Getting more done with less - Enablers need to create greater business impact with fewer resources. 

  • Prediction 1: Enablers will be more strategic in their approach (impact on GTM strategy and impact on stakeholder perception)
  • Prediction 2: 2023 will be the year of AI - AI won’t steal your job but the people most comfortable with AI tools will. 
  • Prediction 3: Increased Enablement maturity levels outside the US.

Devon’s 2023 Predictions

  • Prediction 1: AI - ChatGPT - as an essential part of the enablement workflow
  • Prediction 2: Real Investment in the Enablement Function → with a focus on Revenue Enablement orchestration, team structure, and openness to more varied backgrounds in the role for sales enablement.
  • Prediction 3: : A Move Beyond Revenue Enablement - Enablement expanding to other teams in the organization like product and engineering! (we’re already seeing the need for it)

What are your predictions for Enablement in 2023? Let us know in the comments below! 

Enablement Jobs 

Resources for Job Seekers

Are you looking for an Enablement job? Check out the latest Sales Enablement job board (brought to you by Steffaney Zohrabyan) or add yourself to the Enablement Squad Talent Directory.

Communities for networking: WiSE, SES, SEC, Enablement Squad 

Recruiters specialised in Enablement talent: Enablematch 

Article: My 59-Day Career Search Advice (by Mike Kunkle)

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Resources for Hiring Managers

Are you looking for top Enablement talent? Message Steffaney Zohrabyan to add your job to her job board or check the Enablement Squad Talent Directory.

Recruiters specialised in Enablement talent: Enablematch 

Are there any other resources we should include? Let us know in the comments below!


What is Chat GPT? 

“ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It is based on the GPT-3 architecture, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. ChatGPT is a variation of GPT-3 that was specifically fine-tuned for conversational language understanding and generation. This means that it has been trained on a large dataset of conversational text, such as dialogues, transcripts, and chat logs, in order to learn the patterns and conventions of human conversation.

Once trained, ChatGPT can generate human-like responses to a given input, making it suitable for tasks such as chatbot development, question answering, and text completion. It can generate contextually relevant and coherent text, making it an efficient way to simulate conversation with a machine.” 

- Explanation generated by Chat GPT

You can access ChatGPT here for free. 

Use Cases for Enablement

Not sure what to use it for? Here are some use cases:

  • Fast summaries and exploration of topics (Prompt Example: “What are the top challenges of business leaders in the MedTech industry?)
  • Enable faster, more accurate customer support  - Rapid and creative responses to queries (Prompt Example: “Create a friendly email response to a customer that is frustrated because she can’t find an online resource that explains how to add new users to the Marketing Automation Platform she has subscribed to.”)
  • Inspire creativity - Thought starters & ideas for getting your creative juices flowing, unblock if you are struggling with where to start (Prompt Example: “Write a motivational introduction for an onboarding session designed for new sales hires of a database management software company.”)
  • Faster completion of admin tasks for office workers Creating sales email templates and talk tracks, writing emails (Prompt Example: “Write a template for a friendly email follow-up aimed at a decision-maker that has received a proposal for a UX research system subscription.”)

Future Use Cases for Enablement

  • Multiple ChatGPT layers: Industry specific versions of ChatGPT that support tailored applications 
  • Job co-pilot: Highly personalized just-in-time coaching
  • Buyer Acumen: Create a deep understanding of organizations an their personas based on the latest company announcements in seconds.
  • Automation for efficiency and impact: Time-saving automation in the sales process, customer engagement, tracking, follow-up, customer comms and more (Article: ChatGPT what it means for SF Marketers)
  • Customized Learning Paths for Enablement Teams - Sales skills tracking and mapping, learning assessments, progress and feedback to Enablement
  • Customer Service - More diverse, deeper customer support solutions and experiences

What do you use ChatGPT for right now? Which future use cases can you imagine? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Now is not the time to Under Invest in Sales Enablement (by Destination CRM)

“There will be a significant cost if you choose to underinvest in your sales organization at a time they need more help vs. less”

Key insights

  1. The economy is in a challenging spot now and it’s unclear whether this downturn is leading to a recession. Regardless, sales quotas are sure to go up, while support to help sales teams achieve their goals will go down.
  2. Author Dickie’s research shows that making financial cuts to achieve revenue success in a challenging economy doesn't work. Pushing sales teams to work harder isn’t enough; they need support that comes from enablement teams and tech 
  3. You may retain reps through a downturn (because they don’t have anywhere else to go with hiring freezes), but when revenue improves, those who went above and beyond without support are quick to entertain outside offers and voluntarily leave. 

Did you make it through a RIF because your business understands the value of enablement? What are some of the reasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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